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Green Realtor & Eco Consultant

"Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary"

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About "GHER" and Our Green Realtor

Green Homes Eco Realty or GHER is part of Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute.
This is a new socially responsible business model where non-profit is self sustainable by having a profitable business fund it. Based on a Milton Hershey School model this is a way to avoid drying up of funding during economic crisis. Instead of depending solely on donations Non Profit actually has an income that is supplemented by the community donations.

GHER is founded by professional geologist, sustainable living enthusiast and certified Permaculturist.
Our certified Eco Broker is also a Green Living consultant who can help people find green homes or help them convert existing homes into more eco friendly, healthier and greener homes.

We help sellers by staging their home with greener options and adding green renovations. This helps properties stand out of the crowd and attract buyers who are looking for healthier lifestyle for themselves and for the planet.

Our training as a geologist and permaculturist helps us see potential in properties that otherwise are not obvious to untrained eyes. Things like lay out of the land, trees and plants on the property, direction in which property is facing, nearby geological features to materials that are used or not used can make a property ideal candidate or not for what clients are looking for in a green property.

We know how and where to look for that unique property that our buyer is looking for. May it be urban farm, Organic farm, Goat ranch or Repurposed barn.

If you have a dream of finding a greener lifestyle she will help you find the right property.

          " Change is coming and GHER wants to help you to be part of the change. "

If you would like to learn more about Green Real Estate, or discuss how to Improve the Marketability of your home by utilizing Environmentally-Friendly technologies and products, please contact us at -


About Our Eco Broker,Green Realtor and Eco Consultant

Personal Statement :
I believe in sustainability. Not just for our communities, our values, and our families, but also for the living structures we inhabit, the sources of our food, and nature we will ultimately pass down to future generations. As a Green Realtor, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge of green building and design, eco-friendly products, and energy efficiency with new and future clients. With a network of established green builders and contractors to recommend to my clients, I can help change my local community--one home at a time!

                        Lover of nature and all critters big and small, she has chosen path that led her to live her life with small impact. As she reduces her own foot print she also wants to be an instrument in making people live more sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Founder of Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary and Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute has worked as a professional geologist for number of years before stepping into real estate. While looking to find a property to start her sanctuary and urban farm she recognized the lack of qualified professionals who understood sustainable living.

After two years of waiting and trying to educate different RE agents about what she is looking for in a property she took matters in her own hands. She found a perfect property for herself where she now lives in a passive solar house, has organic gardens, animal sanctuary and her educational institute. At requests of her friends who were looking for similar properties to step into greener lifestyle she chose to get her license and help people like herself.

In her free time she volunteers at the hospital to teach yoga to cancer survivors, rescues and rehabilitates old and injured animals and teaches permaculture and sustainable living classes.

She also gives talks on these subjects. If you would like to invite her for your next event please give her a call or email her at -


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